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Triak (activité adaptée aux handicapés).
Canoë-kayak (activité adaptée aux handicapés).
Dériveur 3.60.
Planche à voile

   ar sa nature préservée et son relief, le Parc du Morvan est un paradis pour les randonneurs: à pied, à cheval ou en V.T.T. , pas moins de 3600 km d’itinéraires balisés vous sont offerts !
Le Morvan est aussi un formidable terrain de sports grandeur nature, de nombreuses activités sont proposées aux amateurs de sensations fortes: rafting, canoë, kayak, escalade, parcours aventure, course d’orientation…
Et pour ceux qui préfèrent la tranquillité, baignade, pédalos et pêche font également partie des activités possibles.


ATB TRIALS          

    Photo Joël TRIBOULT

"Le Morvan à VTT"

 édité par Morvan VTT comprend une fiche pour chaque commune point de départ (soit 20 fiches)

Ce nouveau topoguide est en vente dans les OTSI, et chez certains prestataires ou par correspondance à Morvan VTT au prix de 10 € + 1.75 € de frais de port. Format 10,5x21 cm


Le Balisage sur le terrain
Les différents circuits sont repérés par des numéros. Ils sont répertoriés, en fonction de leur difficulté, par la couleur des numéros ::
vert : très facile,
bleu :
rouge :
noir :
très difficile


  Les Settons

Planche à voile
Ski nautique
Orientation - VTT


 Pour tous renseignements, vous pouvez également vous adresser à :
Association pour la Randonnée Equestre en Morvan
La Croix Milan
58140 MHÈRE
Tél/Fax : 03 86 22 73 19



A paradise for riders

Legend has it that the famous white horse of King Henri IV was a Burgundian steed. Some 200 years later, at the beginning of the 19th century, Napoleon Bonaparte established a centre for stallions which has now become one of France’s most renowned stud farms. 

Nowadays, the nation’s top steeplechasers are bred in Burgundy. With such an illustrious background, it is hardly surprising that the region is an ideal choice for a riding holiday


A paradise for anglers
With its sumptuous wines, its world-renowned gastronomy and the infinite wealth of its cultural, historical and natural environment, Burgundy Is indeed a landed blessed by the gods.
But, straddling as it does the great drainage basins of the Seine, the Loire and the Rhône, Burgundy is also an angler’s paradise.
Judge for yourself: 12,400 km of rivers, 800 km of canals and more than 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres) of natural and artificial lakes boasting every kind of fresh-water fish. All this in a protected but easily accessible environment (TGV rail connections, motorways, etc.). We are proud of our fishing facilities and anxious to ensure that your fishing holiday in our region is a truly memorable experience. Whether you are in search of roach, grayling, giant catfish, whether you are a seasoned practitioner, a newcomer keen to learn the art of fly-fishing or parents looking for a fishing holiday for your children – delay no longer: come cast your line in Burgundy!



Land of great art and good living... and golfing !

If you were to ask a friend to give you a few good reasons for visiting Burgundy, he or she would doubtless mention wine, gastronomy, cultural heritage and perhaps inland water cruising - but the chances of golf appearing on the list would be virtually nil ! And yet ! And yet ! 
Burgundy has a lot to offer golfing enthusiasts even though its potential is still too little known. Judge for yourself : there are eighteen easy-to-get-to, infinitely varied golf courses (including eleven 18-hole courses) spread over the four departments of Burgundy.

All this in less than two hours by motorway or TGV from the major agglomerations of Paris, Lyon or Geneva where crowded courses or quite simply the stress of city life can make it difficult to fit a round of golf.

The contrast with Burgundy could hardly be greater. Here, where people make a virtue of taking their time, where serenity and conviviality are the order of the day, the golfer is in his element. Tiger or a rabbit, an occasional player or a hopeless addict, you'll find Burgundy makes a perfect setting in which to indulge your favorite sport. What's more, you're never far from a tempting wine cellar or restaurant, or from one of the countless gems of architecture for which the region is famous.